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If you want to use customized biz logic to access images, this page may help you.

The default way to access pictures with the physical filename.
But sometimes, you will need to access them with your customized name.
For example, you will display the pictures of a video list, but you want to use just the id these videos to access there thumbnails.

Then you need:
  1. To implement the ImageServer.Common.IImageLoader
  1. To implement the ImageServer.Common.IFilenameGetter, you can also use the default one: "ImageServer.Common.DefaultFilenameGetter"
  1. To configuration the appSettings node of web.config:
  <!--For BizHandler Use-->
  <add key="IImageLoader.Video" value="ImageLoaders.VideoIDImageLoader, ImageLoaders" />
  <add key="IFilenameGetter.Video" value="ImageServer.Common.DefaultFilenameGetter, ImageServer.Lib" />
NOTE: the config attribute "key" should follow the name rule: "IImageLoader.$BizKey" and "IFilenameGetter.$BizKey". The $BizKey will be matched with the url to access the images.
  1. To access images
  2. http://~/!Video/1.png?100
NOTE: the italicsized "Video" is the $BizKey preceding mentioned.

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