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If you want to know how access images zoomed, this page may help you.

Assuming there are two picture files named "a.png" and "b.jpg" you can access from your web. And both size of the pictures are the same in 400x300, and the a.png has a transparent background.
  • A length may be append to the url of an image to make it zoom to fit a square box:
    • http://~/a.png?100
  • A width and a height can be also as zoom box size:
    • http://~/a.png?100x75
  • After you defined the size, the following options you can use:
  • To zoom with a fill option, you only need to append a 'm' to the query string:
    • http://~/a.png?100m
  • To zoom with a stretch option, you only need to append a 's' to the query string:
    • http://~/a.png?100s
  • To zoom with a background color white or black, you need to prepend a 'b' for black or 'w' for white to the query string:
    • http://~/a.png?b100
  • To zoom with a fixed width (automated height) or a fixed height (automated width), you need to append a 'w' for fixed width or 'h' for fixed height to the query string:
    • http://~/a.png?100w
  • To zoom with a JPEG quality option, you need to append a 'q' to specify a number:
    • http://~/b.jpg?100q40
  • To zoom with a crop option, you need to prepend a 'c' to the query string, then the picture will be cropped from center:
    • http://~/a.png?c100
  • When you crop the picture, you can also add a position parameter:
    • http://~/a.png?c100s
    • s for South(bottom)
    • n for North(top)
    • e for East(right)
    • w for West(left)
    • se for South-East(bottom right)
    • sw for South-West(bottom left)
    • nw for North-West(top left)
    • ne for North-East(top right)

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